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Squirel Control Program




30 Day Squirel Control Program. Locate nesting location(s), sealing exclusions which may require modifications to the structure. If infestation was found to have contaminated insulation or vapor barriers located in the crawl space or attic recomendation of contaminted items be removed due to health virus concerns & to ensure the rodent waste does not continue to “call back” rodents. Snap traps will be placed in areas with active rodent activity. Review with customer infestion situation and possible control methods helps ensure the safety & health of your family, pets and employees. We use the most reliable and least disruptive treatments possible depending on the size of rodent infestation. **Annual Pest Control with is Highly Recomended to control and ensure future infestation does not reoccur.**Note**Without sealing exclusions squirels will be able to bypass all control methods; some of these exclusions may require additional help from home owner or licensed contractor. Follow Up Servicing is on Weekly intervals of 1x per week for 4 weeks.