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Cockroach Treatment




Interior Treatment Application. Technician will identify type of cockroach common hiding locations and severity of infestation. Treatment application will be applied to applied to infestation area, base boards, optional countertop edge(food safe/family friendly solution). Treatment may alsoinclude bait placed in common cockroach hiding locations.Treating pests are done in an effective and environmentally friendly approach. Discussing your situation and possible control methods helps ensure the safety of your family, pets and employees. We use the most reliable and least disruptive treatments we can depending on the infestation identified. Cockroachs are a very difficult pest to treat and requires customer to ensure great sanitation methods to not only limit infestion but also to ensure treatment is as effective as possible. Treatment includes 1 follow up visit 2 weeks following original treatment apllication **Annual Pest Control Service is Highly Recomended to Control and eleminate this pest.