Protect Your Family

Reduce Your Risk of Rodent Transmitted Diseases

Getting rid of the rodent population in your attic or crawl space is just first step of the process. Rodent infestations leave behind a large amount of contamination, and it is very important all feces, urine, blood, nesting fluids and carcasses are completely removed using proper procedures. 

Ohana always recomends protecting your home & family with a Microbial Disinfection & Deodorizer Treatment. This will reduce the risk of the transmission of over 35 viruses carried by rodents today.

Our Microbial Disinfection & Deodorizer Treatment will keep your attic  or crawlspace free from harmful bacteria left from rodent infestation. The deodorizing process will be effective at eliminate any lingering odors that rodents have left behind.

Ensure your family’s health is not put at risk. Call or Click “Make An Appointment” to schedule a free inspection and have a professionally trained technician to asses your pest problem and provide you with a custom whole home solution.

Microbial Disinfection & Deodorizing Services

Microbial Disinfection & Deodorizing  >1000ft$399
Microbial Disinfection & Deodorizing   1001ft-2000ft$499
Deodorizing Only  >1000sqft$199
Deodorizing Only   1001ft-2000ft$299